The key to growing your hair business on Instagram


Hello every business enterprise owner, it is the time to share something about online hair extension business. We will keep this blog updating and give you some hair business guide for a long-time relation. Why do we need to share the online business guide for you? For the reason that we have received many messages from our clients, they send their questions to our email and sales, we realize that many business owners’ hard work, so we wanna share this guide or the thoughts to give you some business spiration. Don’t be hesitant to read this article.


According to many clients’ questions, they have sold their hair bundles/closures/wigs on the Instagram platform, but it seems not perfect on the sales. As we all know that Instagram is popular and fashion social share platform, you can easily sign up for an account to post the photos that you would like to share with everyone. Just an email account or a phone number, you can quickly get your account, and the next part is operating your page. If you are running a business company page, you should post something about your company's products, and your service. The key point is building up your company brand, and establish a positive image of the company. If you are a web influencer, you can use your personal charm, just install the hair bundles or wigs on your head, try to show the max influence of your hair install. People will through the beautiful photo to follow you. Even you are a new starter of Instagram, you have the chance to do the hair extensions business on this platform, all the works need you taking time, only long time and calm mind can lead you to grow business.


How to operate your Instagram business?

If you just post some photos or videos or even share nothing just browse others’ posts, just keep reading this article.


Content and activities

Instagram has been a trending social APP during these years, and the huge user base makes this APP popular until now. There are many business accounts to share their company culture or service, products, if you are doing online business, you may have a try. Due to the huge user base, it is the chance to grow your hair business. A beautiful photo can make your products more divided, and use the same photo filter to get the consequence of your page, a uniform style can bring more customers to follow your page. If you are sharing the products, you can upload some hair install video to let your customers learn the way, or make a before & after comparison to attract your customers. Sometimes, you need to make a giveaway event to get back your customers, always share useful or beautiful photos, keep doing that, you can win more sales.


Update post regularly

Another important thing is sending the post at a unified point in time, this point is really important. If you are a not famous influencer, you can send the post at any time, you still have most followers. But if you are not, believe me, you should know this thing. Why you should send a post at a regular time? For many reasons, you are not the only one that your fans following, if your page hasn’t update post for a long time, it is obvious that your followers can non-follow you anymore, they can follow the people that send the post at the time they like to see. The obvious point is that your followers want to see your post and they looking forward to your update if you can’t do that, it is normal that you will lose your followers. 


Research your followers


Each business has different clients, always know what your clients like, can help your business.

Look what the pages they are following, what they like to surf on the social net, hair business is including in the beauty industry, all the beautiful posts can enhance your customer interest. And which time to send the post has the best effect, and which content to get more views, it is the point to research your customers. Time is changing, you need to follow the trend.



Instagram business is trendy, but you need to keep those parts in the mind, and bring your best products, customer service to your followers, the internet can help your business. If you have some ideas for sell your hair products on Instagram business, please feel free to share your thoughts on the comment, we will try our best to share the useful guide to help your hair extension business.


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