What chance we can take to boost the hair business in 2020?

At the beginning season of 2020, we have faced much reality and economy changing environment, it is a year that full of the chance and trouble, if you can’t start to think about what the way of hair business to go, just see this passage, and take the chance to make more profits in this year.

When talking about hair business, many people would think about the salon business, but it is not the whole. With the high demand for hair extensions, the hair business is larger and larger. You can be a buyer, and also a seller. People browse different kinds of information on the social media APP, like Instagram, You can see so much pretty girls share their fashion hairstyle and outfit looks, it can be showed that most of the girls are like to make themselves beautiful. And you can see so many fashion bloggers share their fashion post to their fans, if not many people like the way the fashion bloggers share, they could not start the business.

And the hair business is one of the beauty industry, an attractive hairstyle is always the trend that most people like to invest money. Because of the hair growth problem, many black women like to buy hair extensions to have a new and beautiful look, Beyonce is such a beautiful and pretty women, she also wears the hair extensions, when she shares one post on Instagram that she chose the hair wigs, most of the fans came to the shop by the same hair extensions. Not only the famous star, many girls like to buy hair bundles. According to our sales report, we have made a long term business reputation with many girls who just go to college. If you are an adult, you are truly to have your ability to making own money, and the hair business is your first choice.

Why do I suggest you run your own business today? When you shopping in the marketplace, you can find thousands of sellers are opening their store if the business could not bring profits, I think the competitors will decrease a lot. And it is always not late to start a hair business and sell hair extensions if you have learned the useful course or have the mind to avoid mistakes, it is the chance to start selling hair extensions.

In the year 2020, what chance we can take to boost the business?

A quick view of article contents:

  • Chance 1: Take the social media chance

  • Chance 2: Make some ads on social media

  • Chance 3: Your fans are useful



Chance 1: Take the social media chance


If you have promoted your business on social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, you have the thoughts to share your company brand. With the rise of the TikTok short-form mobile video, you can see that most of the company and users come to this platform. The short-form video is popular in a daily boring life, short background music, can impact your mind, and leave more express. And short-form is another note, unlike long time video, the short-time videos can quickly bring you the fresh contents in every 15 seconds. More and more people like to watch these short videos in the fragments of time. And a laughing video with funny background music is the trending way to gain more likes. Another aspect, TikTok can according to the users’ like video and time on different types of videos to know the users’ like, then show you more the related videos to you, thus the user's active time on this App can be longer.

If you want to boost your company business, it is the chance to take, just set up an account, and upload the one-type video, the videos should be funny. If you receive thousands of likes of your videos, your brand will be promoted quickly. Because of the regular of TikTok, your videos must be shown to your audiences, you can quickly make more profits.


tik tok


Chance 2: Make some ads on social media


When most of the people spending time on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, you can easily catch your customers and sell your hair extensions. The way of making some ads on social media is advanced, and most of the famous companies like to do that. If your business is just starting, this way should be considered. Explode your website or our brand while your customers spending time on these social platforms. For example, you may see many companies get the sales and just start the business within one year, it is the ads leads to sales. But I am not going to let you invest so much found on ads, you need to consider this thing, and make your ads plan.

Facebook Ads




Chance 3: Your fans are useful

If you have not funds to invest ads to promote your business, another way is possible. A wonderful way is to let your customers share your company on the social network. With more people share your brand or products, more new customers will come to your store. As some customers don’t like the products or brands on ads, if they see the true review and sharing from the customers, it is a water-falling ad without any fee. And the base of high review is that you need to offer premium products to your customers, only quality hair extensions and better customer service to gain more sales. You can send the products with the card, or the discount to encourage them to leave a review on the internet.

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After learning the chance of hair business in 2020, just keep this chance in the mind, and take the time to promote your business. We will update more useful guides in the following day, and the next part is about how to operate your business with TikTok App. Don’t miss the hair blog updating, and leave your comment when you want to say something here, we will quickly answer the questions.

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