Best way to extend your hair extensions using time?


When we buy the virgin hair extensions to make the hairstyle more beautiful, we usually want our hair to have a long-time-using life to save to cost, If you care about the virgin hair in a proper way, your hair can last more than one year. And the virgin hair can last a long time means the right hair care and the times you wear the hair.


Most of our clients are following the ways to care about their bundles and closures and make the bundles/closures last a long time to use. Whether you are new to virgin hair, it is not late to learn the way. Tedhair factory produces high-quality hair to build a high reputation in the hair industry, we are a pleasure to share the simple ways to help you care your virgin hair, just start to look through of this page, and feel free to ask us any questions as below.


The wash time of your hair

Generally, you don’t need to wash the hair extensions many times for the extensions hair without oil-producing in the scalp. And the less time you wash your hair extensions, the longer time you can keep the hair beautiful. The best suggestion for you is that you can wash the hair extensions when it shows so many product build-up or dirt, and do not wash the hair for a long time. Usually, we suggest you wash the hair extensions after the 30 times wearing, then the hair can last a long life can keep the hair color more natural.

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The way of washing hair

Comparing with the human hair, the hair extensions can’t absorb the oils and natural nutrients, so just make the hair extensions moist, and don’t use so much hair shampoo on the washing, it can let your hair extensions become drier. Moreover, alcohol or sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners will lose the oils of your hair extension, then your hair will become tangled.

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Reduce time to heat your hair

As we all know, if we always perm and blow the hair, we can’t have a silky and shiny hair. If you have much time to take care of your hair extensions, just blow your hair by the wind, not by a hairdryer. The longtime heating your hair will bring a damaged and dry hair to you, and it is hard to last your hair for a long time. Unlike the original hair of human, you can cut the damaged hair and wait for the new hair growth, hair extensions should care more proper.


How to avoid tangling

Many people get up in the morning and find the hair extensions tangling and messy, it can break your good mood, this is a normal thing. While you go to sleep, you need to wrap the hair up with a satin scarf or use a satin sleep cap or a satin pillowcase to prevent friction. A simple way to help your hair avoid tangling. And also do the same way when you are doing strenuous exercise.

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Actually, it is not difficult to care for your hair extensions if you learn the proper way and keep in mind always. Besides, you should buy the premium virgin hair, the lower quality hair can not last for a long time, and will come many problems when you are using, and Tedhair factory always provides you the top quality hair extensions. Find more hair, just see this video, and leave your comment when you have a question.

 You can view the video to see specific ways.

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