4 Ways to Boost Hair Online Store’s Traffic

4 Ways to Boost Hair Online Store’s Traffic

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#1. Paid ads to get traffic.

#2.Social media promotion.

#3. Forum promotion.

#4. Email marketing.



How to get online store’s traffic and increase your hair extensions sales? These related ideas will bring more traffics to your online store. 
Many business starters will be interested in this topic. During the time we stay at home and work for the business, some physical store owners will be frustrated with their temporary physical store closed. Keep away from the virus is the most important thing to do, and then you can have a healthy body to run your business. Now you have a chance to boost your online business. If you just start the online hair extensions business, how to get the traffic for your online hair store?
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Back to the topic of getting online store traffic, when focusing on this thing, many people will think deeply. Here are 5 ways can help you boost the hair business, and get the true traffic without much effort.



4 ways to Boost Hair Online Store’s Traffic!




#1. Paid ads to get traffic.


If you want to get the deals in a direct way, paid ads can help you do that. Google ads and Facebook ads are common ads platform.
If you have your own website, you can set up your search keywords, and display your Google ads on the Google search results. This can quickly shot at your customers who search at the keywords.


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And Facebook ads can also lead the audiences to come to your website and place the orders, it can set up your audiences, and show your ads to your audiences. Both ways are needed to pay fees, but can quickly get the traffics and sales.




Before attaching your customers to your website, you need to add a new landing page and have a website fine-using feelings, this can make sure of your ads leading result.




#2.Social media promotion.



This way needs you to pay more attention to your brand pages, but these pages can make sure people know where to find you on the social media platforms. And you can quickly find your audiences on the internet, see what content they like and post.
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Make a brand tag is also possible, and win more attention of your brand, using hot tags and create the relevant posts, quickly get the traffics.
A helpful tool can help you manage your posts and analyze the reach views, get the ideas to know which content your customers prefer to. Here I list Hootsuite for you, you can easily schedule your post at any time, and manage your Facebook, Instagram account with ease.


Your social marketing content is important. Focus on the hair and beauty field, make sure to align your social media goals with your overall marketing strategy. If you want to increase the followers, you should create the relevant content, designed images, and videos that can show the brand, and reach your followers.

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Research the competitors is the thing that needs to do, especially the outstanding pages, why they can be liked, keep studying their contents, and get the ideas to create the posts and finally see how it works.


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This will make it easier for you to show the value of your work and get and investment. Just keep insist to operate your page, you’ll see the results.


#3. Forum promotion


When people stay at home, it is the chance to promote your brand or your online store business on the forums, such as Reddit, Quora, hairstyle and beauty forums like black hair media forum, needs to correspond to the theme of your business.


Follow the forum rules is necessary, or your account will be banned, and you can’t use a forum for your business promotion. Then create the relevant content on the post, your content should be helpful, not full of ads, just list the ways or tips to contribute the forum contents.

When the audiences ask something about your products, it is the time to promote and link your products but mind it that doesn’t share so many links. advertisements are forbidden in many forums.
Promoting on the forums is a long-time process, but the positive impact it will have on your hair extension business in the long run will be worth the time and wait for the results.


#4. Email marketing


Email marketing is still a useful thing that many business companies will do, the first step, collect your customer's email lists and making the email marketing strategy. Keep collecting the emails when your customers play an order, send you a question, submission for a discount, create a signup form on your website…

Which topic of the email that you will open? New arrivals and hot sales… these topics are most be sent, but if your competitors like this, can you think about which email can be opened? The title is more important than the contents, research the topic that your customers like, and input the emoji in the title can increase the open clicks. Send the new hairstyles and your website sales, fashion, the ways to install the hair extensions…
How to get the traffic for your online store, take your times and keep following these ways, you’ll earn more money by getting the traffics. Be sure of building a friendly using website/store is also necessary, stay healthy and boost your business!

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