The key to starting a wholesale business

As the hair products market continues to expand in these years, including the hair bundles, wigs, closures, hair extension. We can see that these products are in large demand by more and more people, especially in the USA.

Learning how to start a business of selling human virgin hair can be a profitable business. If you want to become a vendor of hair business, just look through this article, you can realize something important.


According to the Tedhair 10 years’ experience, we have reached a conclusion that hair business is still an evolving industry, we can make some profits in this hair business. To begin with the hair business, you may need to have a deep think of your business as below:


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Your business funds.


Unlike small enterprises, a hair vendor needs your own warehouse and a large number of sources.

This relates to your business funds, but for a new starter, you don’t need to spend so many costs, you just need to prepare the sources of the hot products to meet the needs.



Make a business plan.


All the business needs you to make a plan, to record what your business running.

A clear-goal plan can help you realize your hair business, including your warehouse running, stock managing, product researching, staff managing, logistic running, customer managing and so on...

An effective plan is helpful that can let you have a clear direction.



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Find a business partner


If you have your own hair products factory and get the trendy virgin hair, you don’t need to find a product vendor unless you need other products that you don’t produce.


But if you are just a new starter, and you will start a factory until the business gets better, to make the business have a good beginning, you can find a business partner to get the product source, and then wholesale to your clients. 

As you are a secondary wholesaler, what you need to do is comparing many hair vendors, and find a vendor near you, so that you can get the hair sources as soon as possible.



Research the market trend.



Always get the trend is an important thing, hair products are changing with the fashion trend, if you sell the unfashionable hair products, you will lose your clients.

Especially for the black women’s hairstyle, which products are most picked. There are many market research on the internet, and you can view social media platforms to see which hair product post that most people like.



According to our company's shipping records and feedback from our customers, body wavy, straight, and deep curly, length 16-22 inch bundles are popular in GA.

As the winter is coming, the long length such as 18-26 inch wig become more and more popular.

If you are the first time to do hair business, we recommend that start the Afro beauty business, sell online is a low investment, and get high profit.



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Manage your audiences.


For a new starter, how to find your audiences?


The first thing to do is promote your business, you can through some social media to build your brand page, and share your business information, then you can attract some clients.


E-mail digital market strategy or find clients on the internet, you can easily share your business with your audiences.


After getting some clients, you can do some events to manage your clients, for the new clients, you can use a discount to let them make the first order with you.


For returned customers, chat with them and know their demand for products or services can still make a long time business ship with them.



Start a hair business is simple, but how to run your business, it is always the thing that you need to think, keep the mind that service and products are the keys of your business, you should always sell the trendy and premium products, and offer better service.


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